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Is HR Responsible for Employee Behavior?

The News Corp scandal Robert Murdock is in raises an interesting question.

What department in a company is responsible for Employee Behavior? We can all agree with Mr. Murdock that Pres/CEO/COO can’t be expected to monitor behavior of 53,000 employees. But who is? The News Corp scandal cost the company billions in just 4 days.

The ultimate responsibility for behavior of employees ultimately needs to fall under some Department. HR seems logical choice.

In large companies, HR is responsible for developing standards defining employee behavior. HR by it’s nature is involved in many areas that relate to employee behavior.

Does HR’s responsibility stop with policies and procedures? Or is there more?

If there’s more, how should HR monitor employee behavior? What elements of behavior should be monitored?

Is your HR organization pro-active or re-active when it comes to monitoring employee behavior? Most companies conduct exit interviews, but that isn’t near enough. Training classes are good, but the outcomes of the training need to be monitored, including training classes on proper employee behavior.

We would like to hear from you. How is your company addressing the issue of employee behavior? What part of the organization does it fall under?