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Are You Making a Difference?

The quality of your skills, and the skills of the people you help hire determine the profits, innovation, and long term success of your company.

You have a direct impact. Ahh, the power you can wield! That’s the point. You can make a very strong impact on your company, even if you are in an admin position. But are you?

HR has a huge role in hiring. The case can be made that HR is ultimately responsible if a business does not meet their revenue or profit targets. Sharp HR people understand this, even if most in their company do not.

How do you influence your company?

A manager asks you to find an employee. Do you recognize this as an opportunity to make your company better? Or is it just something else you need to do?

Finding the best employees has a huge role in sales and profits. Do you recognize this new assignment as the most important thing you have to do today? Do you immediately stop what you are doing to start recruiting? Do you recognize this as your starring role that can lead to an Academy Award from your employer? You have not had to audition. You’ve been given the role. Congratulations!

Stop. Picture yourself as Employee of the Year. Receiving the congratulations from fellow employees. Accepting the award. Telling your friends and family.

What are your primary duties in HR?

Take a look at your job description. (I know, it’s got to be the most boring document you have ever read. But take the time to read it carefully.)

Check off the 3 duties on your job description that have the greatest impact on profits and sales? Are you spending 80% of your time on those 3 duties?

Remember the 80/20 rule? 80% of the contribution you make to a job, comes from 20% of your duties/responsibilities. That means, 80% of your time should be devoted to 20% of your duties. Most people in HR spend 80% or more of their time on the 80% of their duties that contribute almost nothing. It’s an easy trap to fall into. “I’ll just finish this report and get it off my desk.” Or, “I’ll process these performance evaluations from the last month.”

HR Departments seem to be magnets when it comes to attracting paperwork (electronic or real paper.)

How do you escape the “paperwork” trap?

Next 4 hours, each time you pick up a piece of paper (electronic or real) ask yourself if that piece of information will ever be looked at again. If the answer is “no” or “not likely” then that piece of information needs to be processed (not just stored) electronically. You should never have to see that piece of information unless it needs to be accessed to address a specific situation.

Ok, you’ve identified all the stuff that’s bogging you down. That’s preventing your success.

Now what?

Pick one item from your list, any one. Sit down with your technology department or your boss and figure out how that piece of information can be processed electronically. How much time per day, week, or month will be saved? Now devote that time to the most important 20% of your job.

Just streamline one aspect of your job a week. You will be amazed at how quickly you will have more time to spend on activities that will get you promoted, get you raises, and get you recognition.

Get started today.