Monthly Archives: April 2012

Need Help but Can’t Afford New Employees?

Have a special project that would benefit your hotel? Short-term analysis to improve guest service? Identify online training tools you can offer employees?

Consider E-work websites.

They can put you in touch with independent contractors. Review their resumes.

Some sites, like let employers post reviews. ELance is source for IT help. is another source.

Reach into groups you belong to on LinkedIn to get leads on people your peers have used.

Tell your employees and peers about needs you have and ask them for referrals.

Sources like are starting to add consultants and services endorsed by hoteliers.

Think non-traditionally.

After the Election-Business Slow Down?

No matter who wins the election, expect a lot of uncertainty between November and year end.

What can you do now to protect your business?

Here are key things Congress has to address between the election and year end. Things they can’t postpone:

-Raising the debt ceiling
-Extending tax cuts
-Figuring out a way to avoid, or at least delay, automatic budget cuts.
-Extending jobless pay…again.

It’s unlikely a lame duck congress will agree on much of anything. If they don’t massive cuts in government will automatically trigger.

Addressing these are likely to increase business costs, interest rates are likely to climb, taxes will sure go up. All thinks that can dampen this business recovery.

As a business what can you do to insulate yourself from the above?


Be more aggressive in pinning down business for the last quarter. Start those marketing efforts early and have as many contracts signed as possible BEFORE the election. Don’t get wrapped up in who’s going to win. Remember, above problems have to be addressed no matter who wins.

Start booking holiday business in advance. Public and business may well start to reduce their travel plans right after the election. That typically results in rate cutting. Booking business in advance can protect rate.

Conversely, go slow when negotiating with vendors for 2013. Wait until after the election if possible.