China Engaging US and World Financially and Militarily

Last month China fired a shot in the Currency Wars by devaluing the Yuan against the dollar.

For couple of years China has been creating artificial islands in South China Sea. That’s an area claimed by several foreign countries, and hundreds of miles from China. Now China is building military bases on these islands.

Recent satelite pictures show what appears to be an airstrip being built on one of the islands. This is the third runway on an artificially created island.  On another artificial island Chinese are clearly building facilities to handle large ships.

China has adopted a strategy from the founding days of the US. Occupy an area (the Oregon Territory)  and then claim it as your own. Great Britain and Russia were already in the area. Today, several countries already have long established presence in South China Sea. By building military bases and airstrips on islands they have created, the Chinese are saying to the rest of the world, “we are here and claim this, take it away if you dare.”

What is China’s Goal?

To establish military presence closer to Southeast Asia. Establishing themselves in South China Sea, far removed from China, enables them easy military access to Japan, Koreas, Phillipines, etc.

US is calling on China to stop it’s expansion in the area to allow time for diplomatic solution. Apparently America’s politicians and leaders can not be bothered with a study of US history.

Next it would be logical for China to solidify in the area with advanced air defenses.

What Is Importance of South China Sea?

Two fold,

-off-shore oil and gas exploration and

-military domination and threat to several US allies who have treaties that the US will militarily defend on their behalf.

China is challenging US with our Allies. Is US willing to go to war to support our allies and push China out? China is betting US will abandon our allies, forcing them to depend on China, thus establishing China’s domination of a huge area of the world.

American’s need to compare China’s action to China developing military bases in the Caribbean to threaten US and exert their dominance over Central and South America. (China has already invested hundreds of billions throughout Central and South America to further develop resources of those countries, while creating opportunity for improved standard of living for people in those countries. Meanwhile, what is US doing to improve our image and presence in Central and South America?

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