Destruction of US Middle Class: Incompetence or Intentional

While government and media attack the wealthy Americans to pay their share, their tax policies fall almost exclusively on the Middle Class. Of course that’s not an accident. If government confiscated every dollar from the rich it would only run the government a few months. As long as the government spends more than it takes in it has to take the extra money from the middle class.

Earlier this year it was estimated that American savers have lost $470 billion in interest income since 2008. The great majority of those savers had middle incomes. So low interest rate policies of government have cost the middle class dearly.

The question is: Is the government intentionally destroying the middle class or are they so concerned about the next election they have lost site of the damage they are doing.

All great democracies have fallen between 200-250 years. US is at 239. How have they fallen? When the people learn they can get things for nothing by electing officials who will placate them. In the history of mankind it has been very hard for politicians to say no to their constituency. Likewise it has been impossible for the populace to stop taking the hand outs they quickly become accustomed to.

Is what’s happening in US incompetence or intentional? It really doesn’t matter. The real question is: will the middle class pull together to quit giving more hand outs.

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