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Top Threats for Business Security

Those of us in Hospitality industry are very familiar with, and typically have plans in place to avoid/minimize employee theft and white collar crime or fraud.

Do your hotels or restaurants have plans in place on how to handle:


-Workplace violence

-Property crime—protect your intellectual property.

Some hotels and restaurants, and the companies that own/operate them, are doing adequate job protecting customer records. When it comes to protecting business and financial records appears most hotels and restaurants are doing very little, except having weak password protection.

We find US hotels and restaurants have done almost nothing when it comes to recognizing possible terrorism threats or warning signs that indicate potential workplace violence. All employees need to know what to watch for, and how to report the possibility of either of these.

Best counter to terrorism and work place violence is a staff (including all hourly employees) who understand behaviors and things to watch for.

I’d like to hear from any of you that have programs in place for these. If you are using outside companies, who is good?